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Olivia was recently awarded the local and regional Kohl's Cares Scholarships for Community Service Excellence! Way to go O!

S.T.E.P. History

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Living responsibly locally. Raising awareness nationally. Giving globally. Together we can make a BIG difference. One S.T.E.P. at a time!

Save the Earth Projects (S.T.E.P.)


Whether you make your own project, or join one of ours, together we can make a BIG difference in the lives of thousands around the world.

Together we can make a BIG difference. One S.T.E.P. at at time!

His extroverted personality has helped us reach many people with a heart to serve - one S.T.E.P. at at time. Not just a helper to his sister, he founded his own project, S.T.E.P. Up to the Plate, stay tuned!


An event producer by trade, and with a servant's heart, this mom manages the daily administrative and social media presence as well as acts as the road manager for the many public speaking engagements for S.T.E.P.

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2009-Presidentially Declared FEMA flood hits Austell, GA and lives change forever.

2010 -Olivia and Vincent learn about land conservation and cut down trees to preserve the scrub jay habitats in Florida.

2012 -Olivia created the acronym S.T.E.P. in 5th grade as the name for her organization Save the Earth Projects, Inc.

2013 -After being honored in 2012 as a student of the month, Olivia started 2013 as the first-ever youth recipient of the Johana Knox Award for Community Service Excellence and is nominated for the John Maxwell Leadership Award.

2014 –Olivia receives the local and regional Kohl's Cares Scholarship awards, YMCA "Making a Difference" Award for Community and Global Social Responsibility

2015 –Along with receiving the Prudential Spirit of the Community Award, Olivia received a letter from President Obama for her dedicated volunteer service. She was also honored this year with the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes

2016 – Olivia has collected now 22,000 pair of shoes, donated thousands of dollars to charities across the USA and UK, presented the Chrysalis Award for Johana Knox, was honored as 2nd place recipient of the International Young Eco-Heroes Award, and received the Visionary Award as the only child honored this year for the Warrick Dunn Charities Beauty of Business and Giving Community Angels Awards
Olivia continues to speak on radio and to adult and youth groups nationally.







"After our home was destroyed in a FEMA flood, I noticed how many people came to help us. I wanted to do something to give back and also find a way to make our Earth better.

Even though I am young, I still believe we can ALL make a BIG difference if we try!"

Our founder